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The Concho Valley Senior Companion Program was established by the Concho Valley Area Agency on Aging in 1988 through a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service, formerly known as ACTION.   The purpose of the program is to provide income-eligible seniors, aged 55 and older, the opportunity to serve the needs of frail elderly and disabled adults while earning a modest tax-free stipend.

Services Provided by Senior Companions

Senior Companions often provide essential services that enable the elderly to remain independent in their homes:

  • Running errands

  • Meal preparation

  • Assistance with household chores

  • Vital emotional support through friendship

  • Respite care for full-time caregivers

Senior Companions also serve in congregate settings such as Adult Enrichment Center, hospitals, and senior centers.

Through their community service, Senior Companions enhance their self-esteem, remain active both mentally and physically, and enrich the lives of those they serve.

Volunteer Eligibility and Benefits


Senior Companions must be 55 years of age or older and have an interest in working with older persons.   In order to receive a stipend and transportation reimbursement, individuals must meet income eligibility guidelines.   Up to 50% of out of pocket medical expenses may be deducted from total income to determine eligibility.

Annual Income for Family Units of:

One Two Three Four
$23,760 $32,040 $40,320 $48,600

For family units with more than four members, add $8,320 for each additional member.


  • A $2.65 hourly stipend. By federal law the stipend is not subject to tax or garnishment. It also does not reduce or eliminate the level of, or eligibility for, assistance or services a Foster Grandparent may be receiving under any governmental program, including: unemployment insurance, worker's compensation; temporary disability, retirement, public assistance or similar benefit payments or minimum wage laws.
  • On-the-job excess accident, liability and auto liability insurance
  • Mileage reimbursement or transportation assistance
  • Daily meal provided by volunteer station, when possible
  • Accrued paid vacation and sick leave
  • Annual physical examination
  • Recognition
  • Pre-service training plus ongoing monthly training at in-service meetings
Volunteer Stations

A volunteer station is a public agency, private non-profit organization, or health-care agency or organization that utilizes Senior Companions to enhance service to their consumers.   Each volunteer station accepts responsibility for assignment and supervision of Senior Companions.   In providing service, volunteer station managers and staff identify prospective clients, arrange for volunteer placements, and maintain volunteer timesheets.


Volunteer stations established by the Concho Valley Senior Companion Program, located in San Angelo and surrounding counties, include the following:

San Angelo:

Baptist Memorials Home Health
902 N. Main
San Angelo, TX 76903
(325) 481-7539

Santa Fe Crossing Senior Center
702 S. Chadbourne
San Angelo, TX 76903
(325) 657-4490

MHMR Day Activity Center
1501 W. Beauregard
San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 658-7750, ext. 375

Adult Enrichment Center
6146 Appaloosa Trail
San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 942-9253

Surrounding County Stations:

Sutton County Senior Center
201 Main St.
Sonora, TX 76950
(325) 387-5657

Schleicher County Senior Center
PO Box 83
Eldorado, TX 76837

The National Senior Service Corps (Senior Corps)

The Senior Companion Program is one of three major programs that comprise the National Senior Service Corps of the Corporation for National and Community Service.  The Senior Companion Program, Foster Grandparent Program, and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) help seniors aged 55 and older find volunteer opportunities to enhance their lives through service and strengthen their communities.  


To learn more about the National Senior Service Corps, contact 1-800-424-8867 or (512) 916-5671 (Texas) or view the website at

Application Forms and Contact Information

If you are interested in applying for the Senior Companion Program, please contact:


Contact Information:

Concho Valley Senior Companion Program
2801 W. Loop 306, Suite A
San Angelo, TX  76904
(325) 944-9666
1-877-944-9666 (toll free)