Regional Services - Environmental

Hazard Mitigation

The CVCOG Regional Services department is also responsible for the Hazard Mitigation planning services.   In 2002 FEMA declared that it would no longer aid communities with Hazard Mitigation projects unless those communities had a FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, to this end, the Regional Services Department acquired a grant to hire H2O Consultants out of Austin to aid in the completion of this plan. 

The final hazard mitigation action plan, "Towards a Disaster Resistant Concho Valley" has been approved by both the State of Texas and FEMA.   The plan may now be used to implement projects that will aid in making the Concho Valley region a safer place to live.

Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

2012 Hazard Mitigation Plan

01. Introduction

02. Planning Process

03. Profile

04. Overview

05. Flood

06. Thunderstorm

07. Hail

08. Tornado

09. Wildfire

10. Dam Failure

11. Winter Storm

12. Extreme Heat

13. Drought

14. Hurricane

15. Mitigation Goals

16. Past Actions

17. New Actions

18. Plan Maintenence

CVCOG Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Concho Valley Council of Governments Hazard Mitigation Action Plan Survey is accessible here: Hazard Mitigation Survey

Solid Waste

Recycling, composting, waste reduction, landfill regulations, non-point-source regulations, and other technical assistance are provided.   A Solid Waste Resource Center is maintained to provide reference materials on solid waste.

The Concho Valley’s closed landfill inventory (large pdf) is also available online. It may also be accessed at the COG offices in San Angelo.

Grants and training are provided on various Solid Waste Reduction topics.

Activities are approved by the Regional Solid Waste Advisory Committee .

To view the MSW Permit Application information, please click on the following URL: