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HISTORIC BUILDINGS AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESOURCES The area contains many archaeological resources and historic buildings. Each county contains historic buildings of interest as all but one of the thirteen counties have Courthouses which were built in the early 1900s with architectural attractions. The City of San Angelo has a historical district in the center of town which offers many buildings including the Cactus Hotel and the Texas Theater. Many of these structures have been or are being restored with encouragement from the city. The City of Sonora has a Main Street project. Many buildings have been restored and the city is inviting to tourists. The City of Menard has restored historic downtown buildings and provided them for new businesses. The project has been very well accepted and continues to expand. This is enhanced with the “Ditch Walk”, a four block walk along a water way through historic buildings. Murals have been restored at the old Mission Theater. The City of Mason has many restored buildings around the courthouse. Businesses are using these buildings in an attractive setting. A historic tour visits buildings in the city and the county. Activities are in progress to restore the movie theater where the film “Ole Yellar” premiered. This film is based on a book written by a native of Mason County. The City of Junction has many historic buildings which are being used by businesses and restored to their usefulness. Crockett County has retained its historic beauty in restoration and remodeling of the courthouse and other downtown structures. Irion County has an abandoned courthouse in Sherwood which brings back memories of the early settlers to the area. This structure is sadly neglected and needs major repair. Reagan County has an abandoned courthouse at Stiles which has been proposed as a museum. The facility must have major repair. There are several early forts in the area which have visitor appeal. The City of San Angelo is proud of Fort Concho which has many restored buildings open for visitors. Special activities are conducted each year to acquaint people with the history of the area. Some of the buildings are used as museums. A plaza area was recently constructed to connect an amphitheater, historic parts of the business district, the Concho River, and Fort Concho. Others in the area are: Fort McKavett in Menard County has some restored structures and is a popular tourist stop; the City of Menard has the Presidio San Luis de Amarillas where ruins may be viewed; Fort Chadbourne in Coke County has not been rebuilt but provides a look at history through the remains of structures; and McCulloch County has ruins which may be viewed at Camp San Saba. The Caverns of Sonora provide a view of underground natural formations. For visitors in the Concho County area, Pictographs are painted on the rock bluffs along the Colorado River near the City of Paint Rock, by Indians who inhabited the area centuries ago. Schleicher County has a historic woolen mill which offers an opportunity to see production of wool cloth using equipment and methods which have been in existence since 1940.
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