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WATER AND WASTE WATER Water and waste water facilities are available throughout most of the populated part of the district. Each county is discussed separately. Coke County - The Cities of Bronte and Robert Lee have been upgrading their treatment and distribution facilities for the past several years. Both cities have been on a program to expand service to citizens. Adequate service and pressure are available for fire protection in both cities. Service improvements are enhanced through help from the Texas Community Development Program. The City of Bronte received a TCDP grant to replace the line from Oak Creek Lake to the city. The old line was of eight inch cast iron pipe that had deteriorated through time. The City of Robert Lee received a TCDP award to upgrade their water treatment plant that deteriorated to the point of being cited by the TCEQ. Concho County - The Cities of Eden and Paint Rock are continually working to provide adequate water and sewer service. Paint Rock citizens use septic tanks. The City of Eden provides sewer service for its citizens. The waters of the area contain nitrogen and radium in amounts that exceed standards. The project to provide good drinking water will include either new water purification equipment, new water sources, or a combination. Fire protection needs in and around the City of Paint Rock are handled by tank trucks. Trucks must transport water to fires. The City of Eden’s system provides approximately double the present requirements which includes fire protection needs. Eden was awarded a TCDP grant to replace existing water lines, loop the water system, place valves and provide fire hydrants for fire protection. Crockett County - The county has worked with Texas Community Development Program funding to provide water and sewer in all of the inhabited areas. The Crockett County WCID #1 provides service to most of the citizens in the Ozona area. Colonia areas are included in this system. The latest enhancements to the water system should provide adequate supply and pressure for residential, commercial, and fire protection needs in the Ozona area. Additionally, Crockett County recently received a TCDP grant award to upgrade the sewer system which had major problems such as homes becoming flooded with raw sewage due to the lines becoming plugged. Irion County - The City of Mertzon provides local water from municipal wells. Adequate pressure and volume are available for fire fighting in the city due to recent increases in above ground storage capacity. The previous storage tank was in numerous violations from the TCEQ. Along with the storage tank, the City also completed line work with valves for increased efficiency. Additionally, the City has acquired TCDP funds to provide new wells to provide adequate water supply through the recent drought conditions. Irion County was also successful in receiving a TCDP grant to provide an improved water system to the community of Barnhart. Kimble County - The City of Junction provides water from the Llano River. The plant is capable of producing 2 million gallons per day. Current requirements are at 1.9 million gallons per day. The city must address increased capacity needs in the near future. Economic growth is limited due to this problem. Current use of water for fire fighting requires curtailment of other uses. Improvements in above ground storage capacity are now in progress. Sewer capacity is adequate for moderate growth with only 20% loading on a plant capacity of 300,000 G.P.D. Additionally, the city received a TCDP grant to upgrade the sewer system. McCulloch County - The City of Brady provides water from municipal wells and from the Brady reservoir. Plant capacity is presently at 7 million G.P.D. with a peak load of 4 million G.P.D. Projects have provided greater pressure for citizen’s use and fire control with t he addition of a standpipe in the north portion of the City and a ground storage unit in the eastern portion of the City. Additionally, water lines in existence for 70 years have been replaced to provide for better distribution. Fire control needs are adequately met with this enhanced system. Sewer service is available for approximately double the present load. The City of Melvin provides water service from municipal wells. Daily capacity is 110,000 G.P.D. Service lines will not support high pressure fire needs. Deficiencies in the system had been cited by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and a project correcting the distribution deficiencies was completed. Tank trucks are still required to haul water to a fire scene. Septic tanks are used in the City of Melvin, as no waste water system is in place. The waste water problems of septic tanks must be addressed in the near future. Finally, McCulloch County has also secured TCDP funds to 12,400 linear feet of water distribution lines to the community of Rochelle. Mason County - The City of Mason provides water from municipal wells with loading at approximately 80% of capacity. Sewer service is provided with more than 50% capacity available. Renovations of both systems are continuing to provide adequate service and capacity. The most recent upgrade has been to the sewer system with new pipe lines and the addition of a new filtration unit. Pressure and capacity are available for fire protection within the city. Menard County - The City of Menard provides water from municipal wells with a capacity of 8 million G.P.D. Peak loads have been 610,000 G.P.D., or approximately 7.6% of capacity. The sewer plant has a capacity of 170,000 G.P.D. with about 60% utilization. TCDP grants have provided the construction of a hydropneumatic tank, new PVC water lines, new SDR sewer lines, and more service connections and manholes. Adequate water pressure and capacity are available for fire protection needs. Reagan County - The City of Big Lake provides water with a capacity of 3 million G.P.D. available from municipal wells. Approximate peak loads are 1.5 million G.P.D. This provides adequate supply for all needs, including fire protection. There was a problem with the lack of pressure in some portions of the system. However, the City has recently completed work on an above ground storage upgrade. Sewer capacity of 600,000 G.P.D. is presently loaded at approximately 50%. There are continuing needs of maintenance of the system which is aging. Schleicher County - The City of Eldorado provides a capacity of more than two million gallons of water per day from municipal wells. Present peak load is 1.25 million G.P.D. The City has been successful in acquiring funds from the TCDP to provide storage and distribution improvements. Adequate pressure and capacity is available for daily usage and fire protection in the city. Updated sewer treatment capacity of 385,000 G.P.D. is in the finishing stages with approximately a 35% load. Constant updating and expansion of both systems are required in order to provide adequate service. Sterling County - The City of Sterling City provides water from municipal wells. Present capacity of 500,000 G.P.D. is approximately 40% loaded. The city has recently completed piping and drilling as well as a booster station and water main looping to provide better water service. The old wells were not meeting needs for citizens and fire protection. New capacity is adequate for this use. The city provides sewer service with excess capacity at 95,000 G.P.D. Sutton County - The City of Sonora provides water from 5 municipal wells with a daily capacity of 4 million gallons. A peak load of 1.5 million G.P.D. is being experienced. The City was recently awarded a TCDP grant for a new 400,000 gallon storage tank to provide water service to the city. Good capacity and pressure are available for citizens and fire protection. The sewer plant is rated at 1.5 million G.P.D. with a loading of approximately 60%. Tom Green County - The City of San Angelo provides water with a capacity of 76 million G.P.D. from five lakes and a well field. Peak loading is currently about 40 million G.P.D., or approximately 53%. Adequate capacity and pressure assure good fire protection to local citizens. The sewer plant has a 16.3 million G.P.D. capacity with a 9 million G.P.D. load. This provides adequate service for present and planned growth. Additionally, Tom Green County was awarded a TCDP grant for water system improvements in the community of Christoval.