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Economic Development District, Inc.

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Concho Valley Economic Development District, Inc

The Concho Valley Economic Development District is committed to our efforts of building capacity, partnership and regional planning throughout our 13- county region. The District Program is directed by a Board of Directors. The purpose of the district is:

  • To promote economic growth in the Concho Valley Planning Region of Texas;
  • To increase employment opportunities for unemployed and underemployed persons;
  • To assist and coordinate economic development planning efforts of local governments and local economic development organizations;
  • To coordinate economic development planning with transportation planning, community development programs, job training programs and other programs and activities which might stimulate the region’s economic betterment;
  • To implement an economic development technical assistance program which includes workshops, assistance in implementing economic development programs, and assistance to local organizations in applying for grant assistance for economic development purposes;
  • To develop a regional Overall Economic Development Program (OEDP), which builds upon county level OEDP’S; (g) to conduct other activities supporting the region’s economic development goals and objectives; and
  • To exercise all other rights and powers granted to the Corporation (District) pursuant to the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.

Assistant Executive Director: Erin Hernandez

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The 5310 Program

5310 Enhanced Mobility Program

This program is intended to enhance the mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities by providing funds for programs to serve the special needs of transit-dependent populations beyond traditional public transportation services and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit services. The Concho Valley Economic Development District is committed to this effort. Our partnership with the Concho Valley Transit District will allow us to connect these individuals in our urban and rural communities to more effective transportation services. CVTD and CVEDD work together to enhance and improve these services through the outreach and engagement.

5310 Resources

Community Development

Community and Economic Development Assistance Fund (CEDAF)

CVCOG is contracted by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) under this fund to provide technical assistance about community development to regional localities that are eligible for the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TxCDBG). Regional Services staff aids cities, counties and/or other interested parties with information about related resources and demographic data needed to complete grant applications and other opportunities.

Under this contract, CVCOG staff also administratively assists the CVCOG Regional Review Committee (RRC), which is appointed by the Commissioner of TDA. The RRC develops regional scoring procedures and scores applications in the region.

For more information about TxCDBG click on a link below.

For more information about community services opportunities contact Assistant Executive Director – Erin Hernandez at 325-944-9666 x270 or email to

State Data Center Affiliate

CVCOG provides data from the U. S. Census Bureau and the State Data Center. Data and reports are available on a group of interest areas.

Clicking on the Texas Demographic Center to view select regional demographic information.

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